(Image Sources: Sid CaesarGood Things Take Time, Far Better Things Ahead, J.R.R. Tolkien, Roald Dahl, Create a Life)

-If you’re a fellow cat lover, this article about 7 Ways Cats Show Affection might be of interest.

14 Things to Stop Stressing About in 2014. Because everyone wants to stress less, right?

-For fellow bakers that need help with conversions, I’ve found this particular site to be helpful.

-Why DO we really still care about getting married? I mean, I’m not knocking it, but sometimes it’s good to really examine expectations.

THIS OWL IS SO FREAKIN COOL. And it’s super cute that he and the dog are friends. I want to learn all about this species, I’d never heard of Eurasian Eagle Owls before!

-I think this article hit home for me the most this week. It’s one of the most important things to keep in check as a blogger, Pinterest-er, Instagrammer and social media-er: to quit comparing yourself to others. I know that I go through waves of this really affecting my well-being and ability to appreciate the good and what I already have in my life. It’s easy to feel “lacking” or coming up short when our lives don’t exactly line up with all of the images thrown at us on social media. This is my main focus right now, to not get caught up in comparison. Which also leads me to this… always good reminders to come back to.

-For those of you that love The Boss as much as I do, you have to watch this parody with Jimmy Fallon. Best. Ever. And you can also read NPR’s interview with him regarding his new album, “High Hopes”.

-Also for those of you that love Haruki Murakami as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this compilation of classic quotes from his novels and short stories. Murakami is and will always be my favorite writer. I remember reading Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for the first time in high school. It all snowballed from there.

-Can you imagine being this little kitten and experiencing this? I would be so perplexed.

-PS. I made a 80s/90s running/workout mix on 8tracks this morn. I think it’s pretty good, myself.


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