A few months ago while I was at work behind the register, I came across pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I gasped and was in disbelief. AN OWL SKIRT. OWL FABRIC. Of course I asked where I could attain one and the girl said she made it for her friend! And she offered to make me one! Her mom ended up making a custom owl skirt for me within just a few days. She is such a talented and sweet lady! So well done and detailed. Beyond impressive. Makes me so inspired to learn how to sew and make my own clothes, and it turns out she’s willing to give me some lessons! I can’t wait!! Check out this piece of art! (Now all I need is to find a cute shirt to match.)

Speaking of owls, I just got back from Portland about a week ago and I found everything owl. Portland was everything owl! Either it came to me or I came to it. Regardless, I was in HEAVEN. I had to ship stuff home via UPS because I bought so much. How could I not?! Here’s a little sampling of all my encounters…

Owl prints I purchased at the Crafty Wonderland exhibition at the Doug Fir Lounge.

This was $500! If only…

Whole Foods carried my favorite beer in the flavors I haven’t tried yet! Espresso Stout, an IPA, and Ginger Brew. Apparently this is the only ginger beer out there! 

I ventured into the Ace Hotel and came across this mural as I was going up the stairway. I was so excited!

I mean, c’mon! LOOK AT THAT!!!!

More pictures and food reviews of Portland to come! (Sweetpea Bakery vegan gluten-free brunch was one of my favorites!) Thanks for bearing with me and my owl obsession.


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    I love owls to in amore whimsical print style. Etsy is so dangerous for that, as you know.I can't wait for more Portland posts. Its one of my chuck it & move to cities….

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    Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.Love your blog by the way. Had to add it to my favorites on the sidebar. ;)Sounds like you had a great time!!

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