ModCloth Faves


1. Cutensils Flatware Set, 2. The Devious Book For Cats, 3. Need I Sorbet More Bowl Set, 4. Album Art Critic Record Frame, 5. I’ll Wash, You Pi Dish Towel, 6. Tabby or Not Tabby Pencil Set, 7. Vine, All Vine Spice Rack, 8. A Gift Fur You Parcel Wrapping Set 

Do you ever drool on ModCloth and put things you want in your shopping cart but can’t really afford just for fun? Yeah, cause I sure do that. Ridiculously too much. Or I’ll just Pinterest everything I love on a wishlist that hopefully, maybe, someday will be fulfilled. But sometimes just staring at all of the cute stuff is fulfilling enough.

Is it just me or does it seem that kitties are the new owl? Not that I’m complaining, I’ve just felt the owl faze dwindle down pretty slowly here the last year, and kitties are on the rise. Both are my favorite animals so I’m cool with that. There’s just more awesome kitty stuff to go around, like those kitty pencils, that awesome parcel set (I really think I do need that), and the Devious Book For Cats (cause I just got my two new kittens yesterday and man they are devious… deviously cute!). I’ve been drooling over the flatware set, mostly to help spruce up my food photography and add a little spice to things, as would those little sorbet/ice cream bowls. I’ve been loving that Pi dish towel (even though it’s out of stock), definitely need something to organize my bills and paperwork, and wouldn’t mind framing my newly acquired collectors edition of Born In The USA single. Because The Boss is such a stud.

That’s all for now. Have fun shopping (it wasn’t my fault)!

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