Jumping for joy with Jenni Poirier. Jenni and I became food blogging friends several years ago, and after visiting Portland last summer, she decided to make the move here from Germany for good (or at least for awhile). She is a top-notch pastry chef, is ridiculously brave for moving to a different country away from her family, incredibly intelligent, always up for adventure, and a great friend. And she’s single! (hint hint Portland men…) Here, we went hiking up 3000ft on Tuesday to the top of Dog Mountain, an extremely difficult hike on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. This was my second time trekking this mountain, hiking up and running down, and quadriceps came out of it twice as sore. But it feels oh so good (as long as I don’t squat down!). Five days later and we are still sore and recovering.

After our grueling hike, we found ourselves down on Division and had the best post-hike lunch at Roman Candle. We split a lovely avocado/tuna/egg salad, devoured bubbly charcoal-crusted slices of blanca pizza bianca, topping it all off with their seasonal red wine poached goat cheesecake. AKA two foodies in absolute heaven.

This week was super eventful. My guy and I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson live at the Schnitz! He is an incredibly witty and knowledgable man. I still need to finish Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, but once I do, I’ll be starting his version of it. My first time at this beautiful venue was seeing Jerry Seinfeld, and this Sunday we are heading back AGAIN but to see Herbie Hancock! So pumped!

Currently chugging away at The Goldfinch… I’m trying to savor it, although it isn’t hard to do since it’s so long! Then it will be Flight Behavior.

Dinner at Bollywood Theater. The only time I appreciate the visual appeal of cluttered art…

A beautiful day to stare at the Steel Bridge.

Cuddle sesh’s with my Sway, while flipping through A Beautiful MessesHappy Handmade Home!

I love Voodoo, I love Coco, but Pip’s Original Donuts?! Out of this world.

Angel’s Rest Hike… early signs of Fall.

Testing out John Gorham’s new venture, Mediterranean Exploration Co. Other than having an upset tummy afterward (likely from all of the super rich lamb and variety of spices), it was delish.

Entertaining a friend from out of town at Luc Lac, one of my favorite places to take visitors.

Salty and succulent steak frites at The Tannery.

My favorite breakfast dish at Broder. I can’t wait for their apple fritters to return!

Listening to a ton of Fleet Foxes on repeat lately. One of my top 5 favorite albums of all time, and it’s a great one for Fall.

And for those about to rock Fall, I salute you.

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