Is it just me or are homemade, flavored marshmallows all the rage now? Since it is cocoa season, I thought it would only be right to discuss it’s other (sometimes better) half: the marshmallow. But not the ole Jet Puff kind.

I have yet to make my own homemade batch, but I did recently purchase a few packages from this seller with flavors like apricot matcha tea milk chocolate, rose lychee, apricot saffron, and elderflower. So far I’ve only tried the elderflower and rose, and I’m quite pleased although I would like the flavor to show through a little bit more. Sometimes the chocolate overpowers the scent of the marshmallow sugar goodness but at least it adds a splash of color to your cocoa. I like trying unique spins on traditional foods (as if you couldn’t tell…) so why not, live a little. Gift some to the hot chocolate lover in your life (or yourself!) or try your hand at making a batch. It’s surely on my to-do list! I just need a good candy thermometer first.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration (see photo above):

1. Coffee Marshmallows

2. Mint Chocolate Marshmallows

3. Elderflower Marshmallows

4. Lychee, Rose & Raspberry Marshmallows

(Photo credits: See links & Pinterest)


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