Two weekends ago, the mister and I set out for a hike along the Columbia Gorge River on the Washington side, Cape Horn Loop Trail. It was prime time to see the fall foliage and colors turning, we couldn’t have timed it better. The weather was just cold and simultaneously warm enough. We didn’t end up doing the entire loop, but the lookouts and views we encountered along the way were enough to experience the bountiful beauty. Even though I have yet to go to Italy, some of the views had me thinking Tuscany would look strikingly similar. I liked pretending I was in a completely different country, even if just for a few split seconds in my mind.

Only 45 minutes away from Portland, just past Camas and Washougal, WA, I’d consider it a great alternative autumn sister to Dog Mountain. Back in July, I hiked Dog Mountain all by myself in celebration after finally getting a job and it was spectacular. It kicked my butt, but I was uber energized and made it up to the super windy top and ran back down. Drinking more than half of the water out of my CamelBak before I made it to the top made me realize I needed to invest in one of these. And I am so glad I did. Now I can’t wait to do it next May to enjoy all of the wildflowers. And invest in a decent pair of hiking boots. If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears!

P.S. If you live in the Oregon/Portland metro area and love to hike as much as I do, I’d highly suggest these hiking books by William Sullivan–NW Oregon, Central Oregon, Coastal Oregon. They’re the best I’ve found.



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