A Little Photoshoot…


A few weekends ago, PDX Bloggers had an event to encourage the opportunity for local Portland bloggers to have their photo taken by some professional photographers! Mostly for being able to put up some nice quality photos on our “About” or cover pages. I almost didn’t go out of the fear from being a little too camera shy, but then again, why not? It’s better to go to something and figure out what it was all like than regret having not gone. I was lucky to be paired with the lovely Allegra Villella, a local “natural light photographer”. She was such a sweetheart to work with, and made me feel so comfortable! We just walked around the Pearl District in NW for about an hour or two in the drizzling rain (it was freezing), but had a ton of fun. Especially being able to stop in a coffee shop toward the end and grab a few macarons as props! (Don’t worry, they were totally eaten later on…)

There was also a makeup and hair stylist that did all sorts of crazy things to my hair I would have never imagined (well, I guess if ratting your hair out, spraying hair spray everywhere and pinning it up in the back is crazy… it is to me) and opened my world to a new lipstick color that I absolutely love. I also never wear blush. Like, ever. So I felt a little too “done up” but whatever, it’s all for fun anyway and it was temporary. I’m just usually a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. So just warning you, I don’t look like this everyday (thankfully).

Kylie9 Kylie8 Kylie7 Kylie6 Kylie5 Kylie4 Kylie3 Kylie2 Kylie2-


Thanks PDX Bloggers and Allegra! You’re awesome!


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