what to bring and what to wear… one. a captivating book is essential for downtime. two. affordable & stylish noise-canceling headphones. three. refillable water bottle. four. your favorite shades. five. KIND snack bars. six. violet pastilles for breath fresheners. seven. a spacious tote bag to fit everything (even a cat if you wanted to) in. eight. something to brighten your lips. nine. your camera/DJ boombox/communications medium/iPhone. ten. a versatile every-day summer dress. eleven. hippie necklace. twelve. versatile woven gladiator sandals. thirteen. a “cat nap” travel kit for bright lights/loud noises/wanting to get away from it all. fourteen. moroccan hair oil to keep your hair healthy and smelling luxurious.

Wow, how is it already Spring? The seasons are just flying by faster than I can grasp. It’s the middle of April and we are just now beginning to solidify our weekend trips for the next few months. The biggest trip we have coming up is to Vancouver, BC at the end of May! Since I finally acquired my very first passport (!!!), we can plan a trip to Canada (my boyfriend will get his first very soon, also). I have never been to Canada and have only heard wonderful things about the country. We are staying for 5 days at an Air BNB apartment and I am more than ecstatic to finally book with Air BNB. We wanted something a little more than a hotel, to feel like we were really “living” there during our stay, like locals. Plus, it ended up being more affordable that way! We initially dreamt of taking the train up there so our vacation would start as soon as we hopped on and we could relax, read, listen to music and take it all in, but due to a few snafu’s, we decided we’ll likely end up driving. It’s only about a 5 hour drive from Portland, all things considered, and it would be cheaper (plus no taxi dependence!). Only 2 hours North of Seattle! It’s crazy how close (yet so far) it is. I love how Portland is such a central hub to going pretty much anywhere within a day of driving, if so desired.

In spirit of that, I decided to put together a little “getaway” collage of things I love that I’ll likely be bringing with me on the trips ahead. Besides a trip back home for one of my grandpa’s birthdays (he’s turning 90!), we have camping trips planned for near the Oregon coast and at Silver Falls State Park. I also recently acquired a Northwest Forest Pass to gain access to parking near hiking trails for the next year so I’ll be planning some hiking trips on my days off coming up pretty soon here. Dog Mountain, Angels Rest and Cool Creek are high up on the list. Anyway, what about you? Where are your feet taking you this summer? Have any of you ever been to Vancouver? What are your favorite places I should check out while I’m there? Any helpful hints or tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! So far this is my list of places to check out:

Phew! That’s all for now, folks!

DISCLAIMER: All of these products are ones that I own, use and love regularly. I am not “paid” by any of these companies to endorse these products, however some of these items link to my Amazon Affiliate account which I would receive a small portion of each sale from. KIND was kind (ha!) to offer me mailed samples of their product, also. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps fund the time and energy to run this blog. 

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