Unforgettable Season

A few things of late.

1. I made not-from-scratch (but still considerably homemade) sugar cookies. On our trip to Michigan, I stumbled upon a really nice locally owned kitchen store and found those adorable deer, squirrel and acorn cookie cutters! I am really pleased with them. I ended up amputating a few deers in the hind-leg region, but they still tasted delicious!

2. My latest favorite beverage is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Chai heated with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, topped with a squirt of whipped cream and grated nutmeg. It’s literally a warm weight heaven in your hand.

3. A few of my coffee table book favorites.

4. Dude/art garages are fun to explore.

5. Lloyd Dobler! Need I say more?

6. My first Portland kitty friend aka. my boyfriend’s housemates adopted kitten that I want to take under my wing.

7. We made our own homemade version from a favorite restaurant dish at Verde Cocina. We’ve made it twice without fail. And are very excited that they recently opened a new (closer) location!

8. Speaking of restaurants, we indulged in a little Pine State last weekend. We both realize how not often we eat there. It’s definitely not the kind of fare you’d gorge down in the middle of summer in 93 degree heat. It most assuredly falls under the appropriate category of “Winter Comfort Food”. I tried the fried chicken with cheese, bacon and apple jam! And we split some grits and collard greens.

9. Looking handsome as ever after his new haircut.

10. A new favorite “I’m in the mood for something greasy and flavorful and comforting but don’t want to break the bank or think too hard about where I may want to eat cause my brain may explode” lunch and/or dinner place, Lardo. I took myself out to lunch there last Thursday and treid their Italian tuna melt with some dirty fries (with pork scraps, marinated peppers, fried herbs and parmesan) and was in heaven. I definitely needed pigging out time. The second visit I brought the man along and went for the Cubano sandwich with the kale salad. A little over-Feta’d but still quite delicious. I was in the mood for some succulent, salty slices of meat and cheese.

11. Ok, this one’s super exciting. I WITNESSED SNOW FALLING ON THE GROUND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Yes! I’ve seen snow on the side of the road, of course, but not actually falling from the sky, onto the ground like rain. It was unreal. I woke up just in time Tuesday morning to catch the magical beauty for just another hour or so until it completely stopped. It melted relatively fast as well. It took 23 years… ’bout time.

12. My new favorite beer/only IPA I’ve ever truly loved: North Peak Brewing Diabolical IPA. I’d seen their label before throughout the net, but had never been able to find it in Portland (yeah, I know…weird). But when we were in Michigan, we popped in a few liquor stores to see if there was anything new and exciting and it turns out many carried this. Fortunately, I was able to purchase one out of a 6 pack and bring it home to try. It’s fantastic, and I’m not a “hoppy” beer drinker.

13. My new favorite thrilling novel, Gone Girl. Not quite sure I understood the hype (or still do understand why this book is so popular) but Gillian Flynn definitely seems to keep you engaged and addicted. Now if only I can finish it within 2 weeks to return it back to the library! Eek!

14. More sugar cookies. And sprinkles. Because we all need those things in life.

Leaving tomorrow for California holidays! Can’t wait to show my man around a city (and state) he has never been to!


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