Haven’t done one of these for a while so I’m well overdue. Sometimes it’s easier to let photographs do most of the talking if you know what I mean.

1 month ago: Post-hike to Indian Point 12″ tall fro-yos with my out-of-town visitor at the East-Wind Drive In at Cascade Locks. Delicious and ghetto in all it’s glory.

The point of Indian Point. That’s about as far out as I walked…

Descending on the Indian Point Loop Hike. Not a hike I’d love to do again, but I’m glad I did it.

I love this girl and I love how she loves beer as much as I do. Amy, Igonnamissyou.

Great book finds at the Goodwill on Grand: 1) Comet by Carl Sagan, 2) Live & Work In Italy, 3) Cat Owner’s Manual, 4) Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, 5) The Cat, 6) The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan, 7) How To Massage Your Cat (a gift I gave to a cat-loving coworker).

Speaking of books, it was about time that I got (another) book shelf unit to help with my book hoarding habits. It still isn’t big enough…

OMSI planetarium nerdiness.

A beautiful sunny day in Portland. Perfect running weather. (Name that bridge…)

The best green smoothie: frozen banana, frozen peaches, honey, maca root, greens powder, date, cinnamon, almond butter, and coconut almond milk. #success

I stepped on it in the hallway and couldn’t believe what I found! Primary kitten teeth! SO STOKED.

Kitties love beet greens. And hiding in brown paper grocery bags. It’s a fact.

Trying to get into a regular yoga routine again.

Best cuddle positions. EVER.

My favorite brunch/lunch/anytime I want something healthy place: Harlow. Farmer’s Market Veggie Scramble and a Stumblebee smoothie. 

Did I mention I’m learning Italian? And I obsess over the Italian section at Powell’s every time I go in there? And get a new Italian book each time? Yep. All of the above.

A semi-mediocre meal at Grassa. Honestly I was a little let down by this place but would be willing to try it again in the future. 4-5 ounces of crappy rose wine that cost $8?!? I could buy an entire bottle for that price. The carbonara made me slightly sick and had way too much of a rancid pig-fat taste. So far my favorite spaghettini carbonara (with house guanciale) in PDX is from John Gorham’s Tasty ‘n Sons restaurant. THE. BEST. What dreams are made of, honestly… (see below)

Tarje started selling SPRINGSTEEN BORN IN THE USA SWEATSHIRTS. OMG. I swear, sometimes I think they have a spy camera set up in my apartment and figure out ways to market to my interests. It boggles my mind.

Some photos from FEAST Portland / Bon Appetit a few weeks ago. Wasn’t really excited about the Bounty Tasting but am grateful nontheless to have had the opportunity to check it out.

Keeping things exciting by trying my very first oyster. Only took 24 years. Verdict: not really a fan. Tasted like drinking salt water from the Pacific.

Met John Gorham (owner of above’s Tasty ‘n Sons/Toro Bravo/Tasty ‘n Alder) at Powell’s a few weeks ago as he was doing a book signing for his Toro Bravo cookbook/story book. Won a signed pre-released copy and devoured it and a dirty bastard donut in one sitting. Also met the photographer of this book, David Reamer, (and Le Pigeon‘s new cookbook) and his photography is fantastic. I highly recommend you check out his work if you drool over food photography like I do.

First day of Autumn and it’s a Carl Sagan candle shrine.

Always always in the bathtub. She’s fascinated by water. It’s amazing.

Pumpkin coconut oatmeal and more green smoothies.

A pumpkin extravaganza at TJ’s. Always something I look forward to, every year…

Running in the rain requires 3 essentials: 1) this windbreaker, 2) this album on your iPhone, and 3) a carefree joyful attitude.

Scenes from photo run. The Italian Market.

Shooting with squash.

My Italian class meets weekly at a high school and it makes me nostalgic for being in grade school. But autumn will do that to you…

Totally random semi-sarcastic OMGI’MSTARSTRUCK moment. Last Saturday randomly went browsing at Cost Plus in NW and was less than 3 feet away from Desiree and Chris of last season’s Bachelorette. I was trying on headbands and jewelry and looked up and had to do a double-take. It was bizarre. Yes, secret/not-so-secret confession that I watched the entire last season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. They live in Seattle so it wasn’t much of a surprise they were in town but man, they’re like so totally famous, you know? But seriously, it is weird to see an American TV sensation obsession right before your eyes, in person. Just a little surreal. And yes I know I’m a total creeper by secretly snapping this photo but would anyone believe me if I just told you this story without a photo? Instagram is real life, yo.

Spoiled to live right down the street from Portland’s yearly Greek Festival. The spanikopita was insane.

Ran down to watch runners run the Portland Marathon. I felt reignited by the spirit of community and camaraderie I witnessed just standing there for a mere 5 minutes. I hadn’t realized how much I miss running races until then. It has been 3 years since I ran the half in SF. I am definitely definitely doing the Portland half next October, and planning on doing the full two years from now when I’m 26.6 years old. Get it? Yeah, brilliant idea, I know…

I also want to do this someday…

Swayze always a peeping Tom while I’m in the bathroom. Also stands there every morning while I’m getting ready for work and cries/meows his eyes out. It’s cute up to a point…

My favorite new shop in SE Portland, Maven. My ideal esthetic: vintage wool blankets, homemade soaps, camping gear, vintage clothing, John Muir books, ceramics, brass jewels and cuffs… LOVE LOVE LOVE. I went a little spending crazy there last weekend but have no regrets. NONE.

I snapped up a few of the lovely things above- books: I Heard The Owl Call My NameThe Mountains of California, and Kahlil Gibran’s Italian/English version of Sand and Foam = the find of the century.

I can’t help my love for Hitachino Nest Beer. This Nipponia is a fantastic pilsner.

More runs along the Willamette.

The trees in Fred Meyer’s parking lot are gorgeous.

Made the best ever apple crisp last Tuesday that I can’t wait to share with you. It’s made with honey and thyme. Yes. It’s better than any apple pie or crisp you’ve ever had.

Turning into an astronomy nerd. Shower curtain: URBN. Fases de la Luna: Scout Mob.

Mustard yellow in Laurelhurst.

Brunch at Cup & Saucer. The cup’s half full.

Studiare l’italiano.

And that’s all for now. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminiscing through past photographs to remind yourself that life can be really good.

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