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Well, it only took me long enough. I purchased my very first record player and am completely head-over-heels in love. I don’t know what sparked the inspiration really, but an affordable (and might I add cute? in a lovely olive green color?) steal I just couldn’t pass up sealed the deal. My boyfriend is the one who has been the record collecting junkie in his time but unfortunately sold his collection in order to move here years ago. So here we are now building a collection of solid classics together.

For the past two weeks we’ve been going around to Goodwill’s and discovering the record stores of the city, figuring out which ones we like and don’t like, the records we’re buying because they sound better on vinyl, and which ones to pass up ($25 for a Beach House album? you’ve gotta be kidding me). We’ve really been into the bargain bins, finding the goods for less than $5. Our agreed limit is $10, but I think I paid a bit more for a Billie Holiday album. She’s worth bending the rules for.

Is it just me or does owning a record player encourage people to stay at home more? I’m already ok with being a “homebody” but this has made me want to stay home even more and go through all of these exciting records and do something crafty or bake in the kitchen while they’re on in the background. That’s what I’m coming around to appreciate about the art of vinyl–the fact that it isn’t listened to through the convenience of your iPod or iPhone, or a CD spinning in the car. You have to listen to it under a bit more specific circumstances, and so you make the time to do so, to take advantage of it as much as possible.

Anyhow, I must confess the first album I put on was Born In The USA. Great choice to break it in, in my humble opinion…

1. The Boss, 2. Mrs. Lillen’s Cocktail Swatchbook, 3. The mess in my living room as I’m coming up with baking ideas, 4. New favorite easy breakfast: sourdough english muffin, veggie sausage, scrambled egg, sharp cheddar, and a bit of guac or avocado, 5. Some goodies I scored at Smut and Wanderlust… I especially love the mint green sign by Mary Kate McDevitt, and the kitty antler tights,   6. Our new goal at trying Thai food… this one’s from PaaDee (pork belly, green beans, egg), 7. Just an adorable lit up heart sign in the window of City State Diner, 8 & 9. My new favorite breakfast/lunch place EVER: Sweedeedee. Their honey pie is reeediculous, they spin records, have a overwhelmingly delicious menu and cute girls that work there. If I were ever to have a bakery/restaurant, it would look very similarly to this! 10. Tonight we made s’getti and meatballs for dinner! So easy and delicious. I’m still full! My trick: use a meatloaf mix for the meatballs! 11. I love my new headband but really need to cut my bangs! On the to-do list for tomorrow…

‘Night! I have a yummy bundt cake recipe coming up very soon!


  1. says

    Ha! You are the second person with a Crosley I have known about in the past couple of weeks! We decided yesterday to get one and now you are all coming out of the woodwork, which is wonderful! Do you know which model you got?

    • thebakingbird says

      Ha! How funny! I’m not sure what exact model it is but you can buy one on Modcloth here: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/music/take-your-turntable-in-green. I got mine on Fab.com for $80. You can also check out their main website here for all models: http://www.crosleyradio.com/Turntables.aspx. The only thing I wish I would have thought of was to have a USB Connection to the computer but I like that this one is simple and doesn’t have many bells and whistles. :) I hope you find a great one for you!

      • says

        Yeah, we’ve been looking at the CR249, which is the same one Ravyn and Jim Stadick have. Theirs has that USB connection! Today my boyfriend went through his records to weed out ones to keep and ones to sell on CL. I’m looking forward to getting a record player soon so we can finally enjoy these! Nothing like living together for five years with a bunch of records sitting around. ;o)

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