Grand Rapids, Michigan


My guy and I went to Michigan to visit his hometown and surrounding areas back at the beginning of December. I completely spaced on posting the photos from the trip until just the other day! I took a bagillion photos, as always, and wanted to share a bit of our experience with you. This was my first time visiting the Mitt, and we went all over the place: Holland, Saugatuck, and Grand Rapids. We spent most of our time in Holland, but ventured to Grand Rapids twice because it was a hip little city with tons of yummy restaurants. So since I have the least amount of photos taken there (and that says a lot), I figured I would post those first. Have you ever been? If so, what are your favorite places there? We really loved Gaia Cafe and Marie Catrib’s. I loved everything about Marie’s: the style, staff, menu font, dishes… I wanted to order one of everything! I still dream of that place… Also, I had THE BEST soup at Graydon’s Crossing. I almost want to say it was the best soup ever. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what was in it, except pumpkin, cream, honey, some very sweet unusual flavor I couldn’t put my finger on but it was rich, heavenly and incredibly insanely delicious. I wanted to keep on sipping it from my spoon forever.

That’s mostly our time in GR for you: full of beer and good food. I will be back soon with more photos of the surrounding areas we spent time in.


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    One of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, used to live in Grand Rapids. I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through her, and now through your lovely photos. PS – she loved the cookies from Gaia.

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    Awww, that’s where I live! I’m so happy you liked it here! I’m a transplant who never intended to stay (but will never go back to NY property prices), so I’m always super happy when people visit and like it here! And I’m really glad you liked Graydon’s – I got married at their sister restaurant, Derby Station. (And my first date with my husband was at HopCat – I highly recommend their buffalo egg rolls if you come back some time.)

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