Happy Friday, friends! Hope January is off to a great start for all of you. I’m starting to feel a bit more optimistic about the year ahead. I’m ready to make stuff happen. Contemplating my last week of being at the ripe ole age of 25, I’m excited about 26. It’s an odd (even) number that my brain hasn’t quite wrapped around the reality of, but I’m ready. How did or do you feel in your mid-twenties? Anxiety? Optimism? Motivation? I want to know. Last year around this time I definitely had a case of the quarter-life crisis feelings. Thoughts of wanting to skydive, climb higher mountains, learn how to drive a motorcycle, and planning lots of trips overseas circled through my mind. But I didn’t really get to any of those. It doesn’t mean they’ll never happen. They just haven’t happened yet. Sometimes I think birthdays just exist as good reminders to come back to our true intentions of how we want to live and lead our lives. What do you think?

Here are is some interesting and fun stuff I’ve found around the web lately:

-Speaking of birthday’s, you can count on me making a reservation to go here next weekend. And I’ll be attending this this weekend.

-Nine ways to be a better baker in 2015, according to Food52.

-This is why I don’t own a television and am a total cat lady.

-A long, awesome list of foodie podcasts to watch out for this year.

Ten of the best TedTalks to get you talking and thinking.

Cutest thing I’ve seen all week. And this too.

-Only one week left of Top Chef! The suspense of who won Last Chance Kitchen is killing me. Crossing my fingers for Dougie!

-How amazing does this chocolate cake look from The Sugar Hit? She is a ridiculously good baker and photographer.

New favorite blog. Such gorgeous photos! And will be a great guide in helping me plan a trip to Italy.

-I want to make this over the weekend. Perfect bowl of comfort.

This. Absolutely love this. This is the kind of self-loving promotion we need to see more of.

Real life doesn’t necessarily look like Pinterest. Always a great reminder.

23 Reasons the Gym is Hell on Earth in January. Hilarious.

-A cute illustrated and realistic guide to “New Years Resolutions”.

That’s all for now! Here are some photos from the last few weeks…


I saw Tennis perform last Friday night. It was a show that was postponed from October but so worth the wait!


I’m obsessed with maple-flavored everything lately.


And drinking hot chocolate…


And dead sea salt baths…


And mochas with extra whip…


And Coco Donuts (but I’m always obsessed)…

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