Friday Favorites! & Good News!


My oh my, what a week it has been! Life seems to be going faster than I can keep up, but I’m not complaining. Here’s a bit of what’s been going down.

Yesterday, as some of you know, was National Peanut Butter Day (officially January 24th) and Fine Cooking Magazine online published a little post about my blog and some of my peanut butter recipes on their site in honor of the day! I am so flattered. I have no idea how I was discovered, but it was such a nice surprise! In addition to that site celebrating the peanut buttery fantasticness, Yummly also did a peanut butter dessert feature on several recipes throughout the blogosphere. They featured the amazing and recently made chocolate peanut butter tart! I couldn’t believe it! In addition, I have been accepted to Foodie BlogrollBlogHer, and have been asked to do a special collaboration with a local Portland blog. I couldn’t be more thrilled! I have a good feeling about this year already, and it isn’t even the end of the month!

Here are some hot topics, interesting articles I’ve stumbled upon in the past week, and things that have been happening that you may find interesting too!

-The “controversial” topic of restaurants denying their patrons to photograph their food. Honestly, I see it as a compliment. My love of food photography stems from appreciation of the whole process of the food from farm to plate, the work it took and the systems of transformation it had to go through to end up in that specific creation, on my plate. My favorite way to express that is through photography. Food is so beautiful and can be one of the most colorful subjects to photograph. My question is, why not? And if you’re using a flash to photograph your food, you’re doing it all wrong anyhow. Be respectful of those around you of course, photograph within your means and be mindful, but honestly, just the opening and shutting of a shutter speed (or a digital non-existant one), how does that do any harm? And if you’re paying for the food and the entire experience (especially if you’re at a high-end place like Momofuku Ko), you should have the right to photograph your own food. If anything, you post a beautifully prepared and drool-inducing image on Instagram, Flickr, your blog, Yelp, and it gets them a boom in business. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can see nothing but positives here. What’s the big deal? Just sounds like an unnecessary hissy fit to me…

-This little hidden discovery has gotten me into kitty obsession trouble. A live kitty cam! Are you kidding me?! It’s on in the background on my computer practically all the time now! And look at these clips if you want to saw “aww!!!!” and “I WANT EM ALLLLL!!!” in a whiney voice repeatedly a million times, cause that’s what I did. I would give anything for those little cuties! WANT.

How to Pick a Career You Actually Like. Maybe job hopping is actually a good thing. “Gilbert says you need to try stuff to see what will make you happy. Do that. It’s scary, because it’s hard to find out that what you thought would make you happy will not make you happy. But then, it’s true that being a realist is not particularly useful to human evolution either.”

-Movies we’ve watched: Ruby Sparks, Take This Waltz. Both were entertaining enough, good acting, but I’d probably give them both a B-. I’ve also been watching The X-Files for the first time (I grew up with that stuff but it was too scary then!) and it’s AWESOME!

-Speaking of awesome, here’s 27 ways to make someone elses’ day awesome! I especially like #2, 4, 24, and 27, of course.

-Currently admiring these photographers. The first photo on their site right now is absolutely stunning! Love their work.

-I got clog pair #1 in the mail yesterday (check out Maguba if you’re interested, their clogs are beautiful and fit just as described!), and a complimentary Warby Parker glasses try-on at home package. I found a pair of frames I absolutely love!

-Also, if you’re a fan of Orla Kiely, may I suggest eBay? I’ve been pining after a handbag of hers for years, and finally found one for less than 40 bucks (usual estimated retail goes for $200-500 per purse). I couldn’t believe it. Absolute steal. It’s in great condition too.

-Speaking of more food, The Cooking Channel visited some local pizza places in PDX (Apizza Schools, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty) this past week and made a pit-stop at Dove Vivi a few nights ago, the nearest pizza place to my apartment! It’s only about 3 blocks away. Dove Vivi does awesome gluten-free cornmeal crusts with unique flavor combinations (we had the mint orange lamb with feta and tomatoes, plus one with grapes, brie and pine nuts!). Their pies were half off and pints of locally crafted beer were $2! What a great way to get people in the door! They ended up asking to interview us, and of course we said yes! I’m not exactly sure what show it will be airing on, but I can only assume it would be this one, Unique Eats, because yeah, I can see how cornmeal crust might be wild to some unfamiliar folks. Keep an eye on it around April time, we might be famous!

-With it being the middle of winter and all, averaging 34-44 degrees here in PDX, here are some great tips to help keep yourself warm/”dealing with how freaking cold it is”.

-Wes Anderson’s impeccable taste in music. Remember any of these?

THIS. This is also a super great needed reminder sometimes. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to a few of them, too. Most of them I can’t relate to, but there are a few sentences here and there that I agree with.

-Being that I’m turning 24 next Thursday, here is a great reminder about being in ones 20s. It’s also pretty funny. (I like this site, apparently).

-Although I don’t really like to discuss or address politics on my blog, I have to say this news is pretty infuriating.

Chocolate Chip Kahlua Milkshakes. YES PLEASE. Which reminds me, I need/should make a batch of these soon and turn ’em into shakes.

Honey automatically searches for and applies electronic coupon codes when you shop online. Hello savings! Download this now!

-And I’ll leave you with this: Your evening/weekend cry/love story. You’re welcome.

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