Friday Favorites // Week Three : May 2015

Happy Friday, friends! This week went by so fast on my end thanks to taking a little extended weekend vacation (which I will post more about soon). And it’s just been a packed week ever since. I’m super pumped for the weekend–starting things off with a massage, then resting up until my Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on Sunday! The last half marathon I completed wasn’t all that exciting route-wise, and I felt kinda crummy the whole time. But I have a good feeling about this one… I just know it. Besides, there will be rockin tunes the entire time so there will be good vibes.

I hope you all find some time to treat yourself this weekend and don’t fold too much of that piled up laundry. I know I sure won’t.

Here are some of my favorite things from around the web this past week:

+ These plates made particularly for smart phone food photographers! Genius.

+ 21 anxiety triggers. We are all not alone. I can relate to all of these in some way, shape or form.

+ Speaking of anxiety, turns out I’m a little more “Type A” than I initially thought. Check. Check. Check!

+ I’m always skeptical about fads, especially fad diet/lifestyles, but I’m curious about the Whole30 gig and this book in particular might be a good read

+ I feel like this has been a big topic lately, and one that I’m constantly asked about on a daily basis. It’s interesting how now that I’ve hit my mid-20s, I’m at my prime “child-bearing” age… and apparently there’s no hiding it. It’s getting to be a little over the top and exhausting how baby-bearing obsessed our society is. I respect any human to make their own decisions if they want children or not, just stop with the expectations that everyone values the same things that you do and don’t force your values someone else that just has different ones. They’re no better or worse. #endrant

+ 13 things no one tells you about owning a home. Ha.

+ U2 busks with Jimmy Fallon in the New York subway station… in disguise! So awesome.

+ These floral baked CHURRO donuts sound increddddible!

+ Why do I have a thing for painted wood and bead board? And light seafoam mint greens and blues? I can’t help myself. Also- copper, wood and forest green. Sigh.

+ How to judge a person by their ice cream choice. What does strawberry shortcake and Magnum double chocolate peanut butter say about me then? (Pretty spot on explanation, actually)

+ An interesting debate: to weigh or not to weigh your ingredients when you bake? I’m still undecided.

+ The mystery of motion sickness… unveiled.

+ Two things successful people have in common.

+ I ordered some packages of this coffee online and I can’t wait until it arrives! (I can’t believe I’m turning into a coffee nerd… I honestly never thought the day would come)

+ Speaking of the devil, these blueberry thyme bars would go great with a cup of coffee, me thinks.

+ Wes Anderson opened a cafe in Milan! But of course. Bucket-list worth of visitation.

Eventually I will discuss my amazing adventure frying donuts for the first time. Coming soon.

My favorite way to unwind. Chillin with my kittens… all the time.

A sneak peak of our Airbnb from last weekend. It was literally smack dab in the middle of a forest… happy place.

Treated myself to a new watch. I haven’t worn a watch since 8th grade because time makes me anxious, but I’m tired of constantly checking my phone by default. Plus, it’s rose gold… my favorite.

Ciao! Until next week!


  1. thebakingbird says

    Thanks so much Liz! I totally can’t wait to recreate some of your delicious recipes soon… they are all just too good! :)

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