Friday Favorites // Week One: May 2015

Here are some cool things that have been circulating around the interwebs lately… Happy Friday, and hope you all embrace how quickly time is flying by! (how is it already May?!)

+ Everyone who hikes the PCT is ridiculously inspiring, and every now and then I get that wild idea (pun intended) to want to do it someday also. Here you can get a condensed 1 hour play-by-lay of the trail from mile 1 to 2,650 without having to quit your job for 6 months. Pretty good deal to me. But really- the imagery is breathtaking. Do yourself a favor and set aside some time to watch it, especially if you love the wilderness, being outdoors, and represent the West Coast in some form or another.

+ Something else condensed a bit for you: this long map documenting the entire history of the world.

+ Two of my favorite people in one room, having a conversation about the trend of science and Superman vs. Batman: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jon Stewart.


+ Being in the dental field and all, of course I’m super fascinated that there are lion dentists! As in dentists that deal with lion teeth! So awesome! Even dental hygiene is important for wild animals.

+ The interesting trend of music festival-goers and their attention to festival fashion. It’s totally a thing.

+ She totally has my 7-year-old Barbie dream car that I never had… but that’s besides the point. Those dance moves! Her Beyonce moves are on point too.

+ The top 10 best brunches in PDX right now. It’s true.

+ An introverts guide to entertaining.

+ Taylor Swift and her cat lady life… she’s just like us! #reallifecatmom

+ Honey Kennedy has rounded up her annual Spring favorites from local Portland shops and beyond, and there are tons of great discount codes, too!

+ THIS KITCHEN REMODEL. C’mon! Has anyone ever seen a more unbelievable transformation? Holy wow! Proof that you really can work magic and make anything you want happen!

+ Some “nonsense” karaoke according to Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt. “Uptown Funk” is involved… TOO GOOD. (totally my original interpretation of the lyrics, too)

+ Another reason to love Mark Ruffalo. He and Scarlett Johansson are my two favorite actors and here they are together in one room.

+ Trying to be better about cooking at home so this weekly meal plan planner will come in handy!

+ My Pinterest baking account was listed as one of the top 14 along with these other fine bloggers via The Kitchn. I’m so flattered! Check out the other awesome accounts.

Happy first weekend of May!


  1. Mrs Z says

    I love your Friday favorites and look forward to this every week. Thank you for your sincere, unpretentious, casually beautiful blog. It’s a island of solace in a sea of too much rehashed sameness.

    • thebakingbird says

      Mrs. Z, that is the sweetest compliment I’ve ever received. Thank you for your honest feedback and being a regular reader :)

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