Friday Favorites // Week One: June 2015

Ok, who else is feeling this mercury in retrograde craziness? Thank goodness this should all subside in about a week. I don’t wholeheartedly believe in the entire theory or astrology in general, but there are times like this when I do. I really, really do. Read this. The full moon this last Tuesday was supposedly the the most “dangerous” full moon of the entire year: “this is one of the handful of times of the year when Mercury rotates slower than usual and this creates the illusion that the planet is moving backwards”. I’ve been feeling a bit of a nut job lately. I haven’t been able to keep up with the days. I feel like it’s still the month of April. I put objects back in random places they shouldn’t go. I’m sleeping very soundly (which is super rare–take it from a professional insomniac) but am still fatigued during the day. Every night after work I’ve exhaustedly plopped down on the bed and napped with my cats. I had a random outburst of anger yesterday when the fridge wouldn’t shut properly and I broke a shelving bracket and a mason jar full of some unrecognizable red sauce I had no idea existed (it literally seemed to fall out of nowhere) and glass shattered everywhere. I dislike (mostly) everyone. Important papers are not getting to where they need to go. People are canceling their appointments left and right. The weather has been extremely bipolar–hot then rainy then back up to the 90s this weekend. Everyone seems to be in my way at the grocery store or stopping me from where I need to go. My nervous nilly boy cat Swayze barfed 3 times today. Big life changes for everyone around, it seems. I don’t care what anyone says–Mercury is definitely in freaking retrograde.

That aside, let’s talk about some positives! Have you ever heard of Postmates? My coworkers turned me on to this magical new life-changing discovery. They’re available in most major cities, and deliver drug store necessities (ie. a random last minute need for a calculator, a big jug of Listerine, baby wipes or a pint of Chunky Monkey) and food and drink from (GOOD) local restaurants/cafes/etc. Postmates is your middle man delivery. You place the order online or on your mobile device, one of their employees “picks up” the order if they are in that neighborhood, they will take care of your order for you and give you an estimated delivery time. You pay all via online, plus a general $5 flat delivery fee and a percentage of what you buy. And of course, you tip your delivery guy or gal after you receive your goods. They run specials all the time: last weekend they gave out free Cinnabons! And that started my engine. We ended up getting the Screen Door for brunch on Sunday (delivered in less than 25 minutes! the typical brunch wait there is 2 hours!), and when 8pm rolled around and we still hadn’t eaten dinner, we ordered Chipotle. It was a little lazy over-the-top, but sometimes you just gotta do it. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. They get paid, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, and you get awesome food delivered to you. Pretty soon I’m going to order Pine State Biscuits, Luc Lac and Coco Donuts. This weekend is full of possibilities. And since they are doing a flat $5 delivery fee for donuts all weekend long, and I just so happen to have a surprise day off tomorrow, you know what I’ll be doing.

Anyway, happy Friday to you all. Admittedly, my blogging presence is not exactly where I’d like it to be at the moment, but it will all become clear as to why in the near future. #vagueblogging. Here are some of my favorite links and articles from around the web lately!

+ 5 strange realities of being a modern woman, illustrated.

+ Is this true life or is it true life? The post office always gives me great anxiety.

+ Also, this is a little ridiculous/eye opening. How much a woman’s period will cost her over her lifetime. There should be a government funded menses stamp card issued to each woman with an allotted amount each month, just so we can afford all this crap to help us make it though. SERIOUSLY THO.

+ Jack Black is one of the only men who can make me laugh so hard I cry (happily) to actually crying tears of sadness the next second. (School of Rock is literally my favorite movie of all time… no joke)

+ There is a Twin Peaks Cards Against Humanity expansion pack! Genius.

+ Here’s what’s happening on Netflix this month of June. I cannot wait for Orange is the New Black!

+ In defense of being alone.

+ Italy is still at the top of my list, but Greece is now a close 1st. Can I just go there, forever?

+ These beautiful photos and video of Big Sur makes me miss my hometown and the proximity I used to have to this beautiful drive. Brings back so many good memories.

+ Whoever you are, there’s a cake just for you.

+ I made this egg sandwich this morning (but sandwiched between whole wheat toast–English muffins later) and it is unREAL. You MUST use American cheese for the best melted goodness effect.

+ I’ve been dreaming of making my own DIY candles someday, and this is a great tutorial on how to do so.

+ Still figuring out how to properly fishtail braid my hair. I think I need some dry shampoo.

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