Friday Favorites // Week 4: March 2015

Happy Friday folks! The weather is beginning to heat up in Portland (it was in the 70s yesterday!) and I’m already plugging in my air conditioner. Yes, I’m a wimp in the heat. I really can’t stand anything above 75. And honestly, I really dread it. I can’t function properly. My brain turns to mush. I don’t sleep well. I know I’m in the minority (like probably 1%?) of people that don’t like the heat at all. But I’ll welcome the longer days, for sure.

This week has been a pretty good one. I got some baking time in, took lots of relaxing baths, got more sleep than usual, bought a new rug (the other one was a hand-me-down and the cats barfed on it a billion times so it was basically full of Resolve carpet cleaner), dusted off my keyboard (it’s been wayyyy too long), taught myself how to play Evil Woman, listened to this new awesome record on repeat, and felt a great sense of connectedness to the community through my work. That’s always satisfying. During less-stressful weeks (all of these examples help), I’m able to have more energy to reflect on the joy and gratitude I have toward my work and the people I’m able to have positive interactions with on a daily basis–coworkers and patients alike. Thinking about the awesome people I’ve met through my job thus far, I definitely feel a great sense of complacency, that all-is-right-in-the-world feeling, that I was “meant to be” here, that everything I have done to get to this place happened the way it was supposed to. I’ve had the pleasure of helping lead singers of indie bands I was fans of in high school, artists, writers, business owners, chefs, families and other prominent voices in Portland. Having only been here now for a little less than 3 years, I feel like I’ve come a long way in building a supportive community and having the opportunity to meet really awesome people. It’s pretty fantastic.

Anywho, I hope your weekend is filled with lots of coffee, sleeping in, kitty (or otherwise) snuggles, getting some fresh air and reading good books. That’s what I’ll be doing!

Here are some of my favorite articles and links from around the web this week:

I would like to live here, please. Or at least rent it out for a few days! Love everything about it!

-This article from Design*Sponge was a great read regarding online blogging competition and negative comments. There’s a lot more to it, but this gets to the point.

-There is an afterlife for X-Files after all! I love David Duchovny.

-Lord Huron is amazing, and this new single is my absolute favorite song of theirs so far. Can’t wait for their new album release, and seeing them in again in April!

12 problems only Haruki Murakami fans would understand.

-Hopefully you haven’t had a bad week, but if you have, watch these TedTalk videos. They’ll help.

-The top 5 things we learned from High Fidelity.

-Bukowski is coming out with a book about CATS!!!!

-Yes, it’s true. Mad Men is coming to an end. (I’ll be shedding tons of tears.) Jon Hamm reflects.

30 thought-provoking quotes to help if you’re feeling a bit stuck. Either which way, they’re inspiring.

-My new favorite food blogger/photographer. Seriously love her work! Total fangirl over here.

ps. The new blog redesign is coming close! I can’t wait to reveal!

Finally tried Podnah’s last weekend! This wedge salad with bacon and bleu cheese was amaaazzzzeeee.

Working on a kinda top secret project regarding smoothies…

Fabulous coffee cake after having a cinnamon craving.


  1. Berta says

    High-5! I’m not very fond of heat either, although I do have a bit higher tolerance than you – about 30 degrees Celsius. :)
    I hope you have a nice weekend!

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