Happy Friday, friends! Can any of you believe it is November? Really, where did October fly off to? This is not ok. But I suppose I can deal with it, because November is really jaw-droppingly gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest. Every kind of tree decides to change color and loose their leaves at different rates, so Fall feels continuous and keeps me on my toes. It’s just now that the trees in front of my apartment windows are halfway between green and orange, and the warm glow fills my apartment with cozy light. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Life has been busy busy busy, but I’m trying to set aside time to bake. I have a great recipe for you really soon here, hint below:

Other than that, I’ve been adamantly burning my new favorite pumpkin candle almost 24/7 and dusting off my records. Trying to plan a few Fall adventures and see what the rest of the year will bring.

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web lately:

-Who doesn’t love Matthew McConaughey? Kate Hudson impersonates him perfectly. So does Jim Carrey.

-We are all more than what we do for work.

-I love nothing more than a man that loves cats. And Jon Hamm loves cats. HOLD THE PHONE. Just when I thought I couldn’t adore him any more…

-Doing the dishes are my #1 nemesis. I can’t wait to have a dishwasher some day. In the meantime, these tips are useful.

-Oh, the paradoxes of the Internet. WHAT ARE WE TO BELIEVE ANYMORE?! Here, we are told to run a marathon. Here, we are advised not to. Which one is it, people?!!? Make up your minds!

Ten wonderful questions to ask yourself daily.

This was kind of a wakeup call to me when I read this. Very, very good.

Twenty things you probably didn’t know about alcohol.

Portlandia came out with a cookbook. Of course they did.

-Your favorite TV sitcom’s homes in reality.

This surely got my blood boiling.

-And talk about motivational/inspirational talk. Why we should all move at least 5 times in our lives. FEELINGS.

-Yep, it’s back. The Jimmy Kimmel candy prank. So, so good! Hahahahahaha.

-An interesting take on why some artists pull their music from Spotify. Taylor Swift, no more.

-And oldie, but worth the read. The effort behind George Clooney’s effortless charm.

-It’s official! Toy Story FOUR is coming out in 2017! More Woody and Buzz!

-The power of the human heart is an amazing power. This gave me chills.

-Springsteen auctioned off a lasagna dinner at his house to raise money for charity. That better be one damn fine lasagna. (Just kidding. If I won the lottery I so would have put a bid on this.)

My thoughts exactly.

Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend brunching, drinking coffee, reading and cozying up! I’m going to try to finish The Goldfinch and see Interstellar.


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