Hey friends! How is it nearly the middle of December already? Time has been flying, and admittedly I’ve been a little neglectful here on the blog. Haven’t had much time to bake trying to balance life in every other aspect. Working a lot, preparing to go home and visit my family over the holidays, and in general just trying to keep my head above water to maintain a sense of sanity around the apartment and in my life. I’m looking forward to a 2 week break ahead, especially since I’ve been hit with a sore, itchy throat that will likely lead to a cold (but I’m fighting it tooth and nail!) which means my body is rebelling and telling me it needs some R&R. Working oneself ragged is never fun, and I feel like I’m just on the edge of that.

Anyway, in happier news! After cooking up a wonderful Thanksgiving feast for two, we ended up taking a trip to the coast on Black Friday, specifically Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. Just a quick overnight stay with a view of the ocean, an indoor jacuzzi and fireplace. We got a ton of reading done and mostly stayed inside from the rain and crazy winds. But it was just what we needed.

A few more photos of what’s been going on lately: trying to run outside as much as possible and enjoy the fall color, reading Wild faster than any other novel I’ve read this year (so good), cozying up with the kittens and attempting to keep the heat in the apartment, drinking lots of yummy candy cane coffee and consuming many satsumas, rainy day shopping downtown, wanting all of the chocolate, and browsing pretty shops. (ps. this lipstick is ahmazing).

And now, some news and links from around the web:

-Greg and Douggie are doing really, really well on Top Chef!

-Speaking of Wild, Reese was here on Monday for the big Portland premiere (so wish I could have been invited! sad face), and tickets are pretty much all sold out for tonights showings. Going to see it tomorrow night, can’t wait! More behind the scenes of making the movie, and locations filmed in and around PDX.

-In relation to the PCT, a pop-up cafe along the trail would definitely make my weary, aching hiking feet much happier. Here are also some lovely portraits of hikers on the PCT. Love it.

-Twelve lovely gifts under $10 via DesignSponge.

-Sometimes we can all feel this way, and it’s reassuring.

-There’s only one real way to listen to music, science says.

This is the best. THE BEST! Kitty therapy FTW!

Ten jaw-dropping photos to make your head spin.

Seinfeld visits Portland in a vintage two-stroke Saab and has coffee with Fred Armisen! LOVE!

-Ok, back to cats, because I can never help myself (maybe this explains it). A cat’s guide to loving a human. So accurate! At least for us, anyway…

14 truths about being an introvert. One hundred percent relatable.

-This is pretty much the only damn fine thing I want for Christmas. Or ever, really.

-Big sigh of relief/newsflash: not wanting kids is entirely normal.

-No wonder some of my greatest recipe ideas have come to me in the middle of the night!

-Who else is listening to Serial? Going through these Reddit posts has been extremely fascinating. Still have a few episodes to catch up on, so no spoilers!

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend everyone!


  1. says

    The Seinfeld episode with Fred Armisen? I love it! And I’m totally buying that lipstick, thanks for the recommendation because I’ve been looking for a good one. Also, I kind of really want to hike the PCT now.

    • thebakingbird says

      You shoulllddddd. It’s amazing. I waited a bit because I didn’t want to pay for shipping and got it at the store instead, but I’d say it’s worth it. All natural lipstick, basically, and the color is a perfect deep red for winter. Glad I’m not the only one who wants to hike the PCT! Do it with me?! :)

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