How To Make a Bowl of Soul Tea Latte


I am beyond excited to share this recipe with you. This has been on my “to-do” list for quite awhile, to share this with the interwebs, because there is practically nothing else out there to reference to if you want to make this drink.

For those unfamiliar with a “Bowl of Soul”, it’s a specialty tea latte that’s on the menu at Verve Coffee Roasters (listen up Santa Cruz peeps!). A tea blend of your choice is steeped in hot soymilk and honey, then topped with soy froth. It’s quite a heavenly creation. The first time I tried one, I literally thought I had died and gone to heaven. It literally is like a bowl of soul, so soothing, comforting, and wonderful on a chilly day or as a nightcap. I particularly love them because I can’t handle caffeine, and although I order my fair share of decaf soy lattes now and again, those get kinda old. At least a tea infusion spices it up a bit, and you have an infinite amount of flavors to play with to find what you like best warm with milk and honey. It’s literally the perfect fit. I had always wondered how they make them so good, and how I could make my own at home since they run nearly $5 a “bowl”. Those add up, let me tell ya…

So I’m here to save the day! I have all the steps and what you need set out for you to make it as easy as possible. There are a few key ingredients and equipment requirements to get it just right but I promise, they’re worth the small investment. Once you start making these, you’ll wonder why they were missing in your life in the first place!

Also, in my next post (I’ll say this is kind of like part 1, that will be part 2) I will discuss teas and my favorite ones to make as a Bowl of Soul. Until then, here are the basics:

Bowl of Soul Tea Latte

Makes 1 8oz. latte


  • 2 tablespoons of your favorite tea blend (for this shoot, I used DAVIDsTEA’s “Exotica“)
  • 1 cup vanilla soymilk (I prefer Soy Dream Enriched)
  • raw honey
  • nutmeg


  • tea filters (if not using pre-packaged tea bags)
  • milk frother (this is seriously the best frother I have ever used! buy it now!)
  • your favorite mug! (this one is also from DAVIDsTEAs)
  • small saucepan


















IMG_1450-2Voila! It’s that easy! I’ll write out the steps too so it’s concise and you don’t have to flip through photos if you don’t want to.

Bowl of Soul

  1. Measure out your soymilk and pour into a small saucepan. 
  2. Fill your tea sachet filter with about 2 tablespoons of tea, making sure you tuck in the top flap so tea doesn’t escape.
  3. Heat soymilk on stove over medium heat (about 5/6 out of 10) for about 5 minutes, or until milk starts to foam and get a bit bubbly.
  4. Turn off heat, add tea sachet to submerge into milk, and cover pot for at least 5-10 minutes (the longer the better, in my opinion–I like to get as much flavor out of the tea as possible).
  5. Remove tea bag and place in mug.
  6. Immerse frother into heated soymilk and blend until foamy and frothy, approximately 30 seconds. It should rise up fairly quickly.
  7. Add honey to soymilk, to taste.
  8. Pour your milk and froth into your mug! You may need a spatula or spoon to get all of the yummy foam out (my favorite part!).
  9. For a nice finishing touch, sprinkle on some nutmeg.
  10. You did it! Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions. I won’t be surprised if you turn into a Bowl of Soul addict as well…


  1. Hannah Jade says

    SO excited to try this out – recently converted to soy and i’ve been trying to think of an excuse to buy some chocolate chai mix for ages!

  2. Virginia from Virginia says

    Just made this and WOW! So tasty! Perfect pairing with a rainy day. Planning on making your chewy ginger cookies next!

  3. Audrey says

    I live in Santa Cruz and love getting these at The Abbey and Lulu Carpenters. I didn’t know they had them at Verve too. Searched around for a recipe and so glad to have come across this. Thank you!

  4. anna says

    I just wanted to say Thank YOU and let you to know this post is still being read even a year and a half after you posted it. Last night I had my first Bowl of Soul on my first visit to Verve Santa Cruz. I live in the Santa Cruz County but have never been there before. At the urgings of my friend, we went there and ordered two types of Bowl of Soul and she was right, they were amazing! I am actually on line this morning trying to find the flavor of tea they used (the barista had no idea….go figure). It was a fruity flavor. Anyway, thank you for this awesome post.

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