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Hi there!

My name is Kylie and I find great joy creating new, exciting things in the kitchen and taking pictures of food. It’s really that simple. I created this blog, The Baking Bird, in 2008 when I was toying around with vegetarian and veganism, and my newfound love for baking could not be contained. I loved the creative challenge of finding vegan substitutes for usual recipes that called for eggs, butter, and dairy, although I don’t bake as many vegan goodies as I used to. I am no longer vegetarian, as I have branched out and am not afraid of one day trying my hand at homemade croissants (I haven’t yet heard of a vegan version but I’m sure one that tastes just as good exists!). At that time, I was also extremely obsessed with anything owl or bird related, hence the name “The Baking Bird”. It fit me well, and had a nice ring to it. So there ya have it.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA but now currently residing in Portland, OR, I practice dental hygiene by day, but love to bake and take pictures by night. In between all of that, I love to run, collect & read books, play piano, photograph life, study the wonders of Ayurveda, discover new craft beers, and enjoy being a crazy kitty mama of two.

Welcome to the land of The Baking Bird! Enjoy and feel free to drop me a line sometime.

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