No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Finally, I have a blog! I’ve been dreaming about this for quite a while. I’ve been so inspired by others posting their latest baking creations or handmade finds online that it’s made me want to do so myself. So, that being said, this blog is going to combine all of my favorite things that I love. Food, food photography, photography, baking (especially vegan), cooking, nature, modern design, interior design, pumpkins and peanut butter (my two greatest obsessions–it’s almost a little too obvious as you’ll surely find out), and anything else inspiring and lovely. Granted, it’s all about finding the time to do and display all of this in between school and work and trying to stay sane, but I figure if it makes me happy then it’s worth it. So yay, I’m excited! 

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