Cardamom Sugar Soft Pretzels with Orange Flower Water Glaze


You guys… it’s rare that I’m speechless about how good some crazy idea I made up in my head turns out. After procrastinating all weekend long about brainstorming recipe ideas, late Sunday night it came to me. I was originally planning on making you a cheesecake today (it’ll come later this week, don’t worry) but for some reason I had pretzels on the brain and then went on a Google search rampage for a million different recipes about how to go about making them. I wanted a sweet, soft pretzel, like a churro pretzel but with a twist… of course. I’ve never been a huge fan of the salted kind that you dip in mustard. Sweet > savory soft pretzels all the way in my book. (Unless they’re paired with beer… that is the exception.) Wanting to go a different route on the traditional cinnamon-sugar coating, cardamom was a no-brainer and then of course I first thought of rosewater. But that’s just too dang predictable. I filed through my liquor/bitters/extracts collection and it was an aha! moment. Orange flower water… of course! DONE.

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