A Big Life Change

21949984991_8bc6c43266_oWell hey everyone, here I am to break my two month radio silence! Thank you for continuing to check in and still leave sweet comments during my unexpected hiatus. As it’s easy to see, baking, photography and blogging have not been at the top of my priority list these last few months, mostly due to new homeownership life adjustments. But there has also been a bit more to it and I feel like I need to get a little LiveJournal-y emo honest on here before I dive into a backlog of recipes I’ve made over the last week or so… because it is finally autumn after all and I can’t resist cracking open a can of pumpkin puree very long. Those will be soon to follow.

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Well, it’s flippin official–I am now a homeowner! Hence the month long hiatus. I knew I’d neglect baking, blogging and photographing a little bit, but the whole home buying process really takes it out of you… especially when you’ve got your entire life packed up, have a mile-long list of things you have to take care of, getting used to a new kitchen space, new oven, etc. Food blogging definitely goes on hold during life changes. So thank you for your patience!

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Apricot Walnut and Lavender Cake


It’s Sunday, and I am here to tell you something: apricots are one of those fruits I neglect. I admit it–I take them for granted, and don’t realize how that special peach-like consistency with an extra sour punch goes a long, long way. I’ve always loved the taste of apricots. Childhood memories revolve around apricot cream cheese danishes from the favorite local bakery, paired alongside a tall glass of orange juice. It was the perfect sugar rush kickstart for a 7-year-old on a Sunday morning.

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Rosemary Bourbon Peach Pie


Pie is just one of those things that I feel I’ve never been that good at making. I’m never really able to get the dough quite right, and my high-hope dough expectations are always let down. I like the crust to be a little under-done, a little chewy, thick, soft, and not too burnt or dry. A moment of truth here: my favorite pie of all time is the lattice apple pie from Costco (it’s seriously the best). That is an example of what I always want to achieve in a pie crust. Yep, Costco bakery… who knew I’d strive for that status someday? No shame in that. Those blueberry and chocolate muffins are pretty righteous, too…

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Friday Favorites // Week Two: June 2015

Yes, I am a day late. It’s not technically Friday anymore, but in keeping with the spirit of my attempts to post regularly every Friday about what’s been going on around the web and recap Instagram photos of the week, I am here anyhow. This previous week just seemed to escape from me too dang quickly. But it was a great one–full of hikes to waterfalls, beer, cocktails, my favorite pizza on the planet, wandering around Portland and discovering new spots, getting up super early before work to go for a run (because it was 90-ish degrees at the beginning of the week and there’s no way in hell I have the energy to run in the heat after work), drinking lots of coffee (never in a million years did I think I’d become a coffee drinker but I totally am now), making progress in this book (it is really a victory and a luxury as a working class adult to be able to get through a book beginning to end, isn’t it?), eating waffles out of windows, finally understanding how to do a proper fishtail braid (my new favorite hairstyle, BTW), and smothering my kitties with love. Always.

One other thing: I was featured on a podcast this week! I was contacted back at the end of last year to be featured on The Dinner Special, based out of Vancouver, BC and the episode aired last Wednesday. If you’re interested to hear a bit more about my blog and baking history, plus a few other random anecdotes, listen along to episode 47! I was also put through the “pressure cooker”… so you can see just what a dork I am in real life. You can subscribe to all of The Dinner Special podcast episodes here!

A few links and fun stuff around the web from this past week:

+ Congrats to all of the Saveur food blogger nominees and winners! Here is Food52’s roundup of their favorite recipes from them all.

+ 30 simple things you don’t realize you do that impress everyone around you.

+ How to fall asleep in under a minute. Wait, really?! Where has this life hack been all my life? Additionally, the most important question: is it better to sleep in or get up earlier and workout? Such a conundrum.

+ 20 foodie books to dive into this summer.

+ 13 cities where millennials cannot afford to buy a home.

+ I’m baking you all a pie today, and these 8 great pie tips are helping me out along the way.

+ You guys know I love elderflower anything more than anything. Here is elderflower cheesecake! Mind blown.

+ This blueberry buttermilk pie with chamomile cream is stunning.

+ The hottest chocolate chip cookie on the internet this week.

+ This light is at the top of my wish list right now. I’ll take two, please.

+ Making this sea salt hair spray is in my near future.

+ One of my favorite bands, Future Islands, just released a new single. DL loves it, of course. And it’s super catchy, as usual.

Happy weekend, all!

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