October 24, 2014

Well the rain has started full-force this week, and I absolutely love it. With the dampness, I sometimes forget that means my bathroom towels will never dry overnight, and it will be stiflingly cold standing on the hex tile getting ready for work in the pitch black. These are all trade-offs, I suppose. We lit the furnace for the first time last night, and I dug my space heater out of the closet to put in the bathroom. That awful but somehow satisfying burnt dust aroma, almost like burnt hair, is the definite welcoming of autumn.

This time of year, I try to get back to rituals and routine. Being that it is Vata season, I am trying to be mindful of treating and nourishing myself. Trying to get back to a (somewhat) regular meditation practice. Treating myself to solo lunches (like above) and finishing a good book. Here are a few other tips I have picked up over the years (based on studying Ayurveda) to help calm the mind, body and soul during this transitionary phase, especially if you are a chronic worrier or easily become unbalanced as we enter into this season:

  • dress warmly, and try to avoid windy conditions
  • eat more roasted root veggies that are grounding in nature (squash, beets, etc); avoid anything raw
  • favor warm soups over cold salads
  • avoid cold drinks, especially anything with ice; favor hot water with lemon or tea
  • eat enough healthy fats
  • avoid over-exercising, favor more yoga and calming practices
  • daily meditation to quiet the nervous system
  • daily self-massage with almond or sesame oil, extra moisturizer for the face
  • sticking to a regular eating, working, exercising, and sleeping routine

You may be able to see a pattern here: favor warm, grounding, sweet, sour, salty, oily foods… light activities… routine. It can be tough, I’m not perfect at it either, but even writing them out re-inspires and reminds me that just following a few fairly simple tips and adjusting a few habits, I can feel better overall. This is my favorite season, but I know it can mess with my equilibrium if I don’t adjust along side it. Also, if you struggle with insomnia like I do, this is a great article.

Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this week:

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-To follow up with that, advice for aspiring full-time photographers (you may see where I am going with this…)

-This, this and this blog are my recent favorites.

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-24 things we should have been taught in school.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Here are a few snaps from the last week or so that make me happy…

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October 12, 2014


Having spent most of the weekend indoors, cooking with tons of pumpkin and squash in the kitchen (including one or two baking mishaps), we decided to wander out and check out the annual apple tasting festival this afternoon. For the last two years, I always meant to check it out, but was a little intimidated by the overwhelming flock of people that attend. We were originally going to head to a pumpkin patch today, but wanted to stick to something closer to home but fall-related. So apples (and pears) it was! We fueled up with pumpkin pancakes, bacon and eggs, and set out to gather bags full of our favorite fruit.

We didn’t end up waiting in very long line for the apple tasting event, but just grabbed up a bunch of random apples that we can’t remember the names of. I may or may not be making some caramel apples soon… stay tuned!

IMG_0119-2 IMG_0121 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0045 IMG_0050 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0062 IMG_0066 IMG_0068 IMG_0071 IMG_0078 IMG_0086 IMG_0093 IMG_0101 IMG_0102

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