Friday Favorites // Week Three : May 2015

Happy Friday, friends! This week went by so fast on my end thanks to taking a little extended weekend vacation (which I will post more about soon). And it’s just been a packed week ever since. I’m super pumped for the weekend–starting things off with a massage, then resting up until my Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on Sunday! The last half marathon I completed wasn’t all that exciting route-wise, and I felt kinda crummy the whole time. But I have a good feeling about this one… I just know it. Besides, there will be rockin tunes the entire time so there will be good vibes.

I hope you all find some time to treat yourself this weekend and don’t fold too much of that piled up laundry. I know I sure won’t.

Here are some of my favorite things from around the web this past week:

+ These plates made particularly for smart phone food photographers! Genius.

+ 21 anxiety triggers. We are all not alone. I can relate to all of these in some way, shape or form.

+ Speaking of anxiety, turns out I’m a little more “Type A” than I initially thought. Check. Check. Check!

+ I’m always skeptical about fads, especially fad diet/lifestyles, but I’m curious about the Whole30 gig and this book in particular might be a good read

+ I feel like this has been a big topic lately, and one that I’m constantly asked about on a daily basis. It’s interesting how now that I’ve hit my mid-20s, I’m at my prime “child-bearing” age… and apparently there’s no hiding it. It’s getting to be a little over the top and exhausting how baby-bearing obsessed our society is. I respect any human to make their own decisions if they want children or not, just stop with the expectations that everyone values the same things that you do and don’t force your values someone else that just has different ones. They’re no better or worse. #endrant

+ 13 things no one tells you about owning a home. Ha.

+ U2 busks with Jimmy Fallon in the New York subway station… in disguise! So awesome.

+ These floral baked CHURRO donuts sound increddddible!

+ Why do I have a thing for painted wood and bead board? And light seafoam mint greens and blues? I can’t help myself. Also- copper, wood and forest green. Sigh.

+ How to judge a person by their ice cream choice. What does strawberry shortcake and Magnum double chocolate peanut butter say about me then? (Pretty spot on explanation, actually)

+ An interesting debate: to weigh or not to weigh your ingredients when you bake? I’m still undecided.

+ The mystery of motion sickness… unveiled.

+ Two things successful people have in common.

+ I ordered some packages of this coffee online and I can’t wait until it arrives! (I can’t believe I’m turning into a coffee nerd… I honestly never thought the day would come)

+ Speaking of the devil, these blueberry thyme bars would go great with a cup of coffee, me thinks.

+ Wes Anderson opened a cafe in Milan! But of course. Bucket-list worth of visitation.

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Aether Cone

Black Copper Aether Cone

Aether gifted me a “Cone” last month, one of those minimalist, stylish portable wireless speakers that you may have seen pop up all over the place since the beginning of the year. Available in copper black and silver white options, I was so curious and interested in trying one, especially since I always listen to music while I’m baking in the kitchen, editing photos, blogging, etc. I was hoping it would come in handy.

Usually I plug my iPhone into the AUX port of our record receiver in the living room, but I’m not able to control what it plays from afar, take photos of what I’m making or receive messages/calls while I’m in the kitchen. First world problems! Not a huge deal obviously, but I was so so stoked to discover not only does the Aether Cone listen to what you tell it you want to hear verbally (like Siri) (and play songs that resemble the style of what you want to listen to–similar idea to Pandora), but it now is Bluetooth enabled so you can stream any music you have stored on your phone from your iTunes library, your Spotify account, or whatever mobile music app you prefer to listen to! That was what sealed the deal for me. We’ve had some issues with our wireless internet lately, so connecting the Cone to wifi every time I wanted to use the Rdio app to play music through the Cone (this is the app that is preset with the device–ads play in between every one or two songs unless you subscribe to a monthly fee) was a hassle. I have never used Bluetooth in any mode before, not even making voice calls, so to me this was an entirely new fascinating discovery.

So not only are there now flexible, additional methods as to what you can play through a Cone, but I’m really in love with the sound quality. Like, shockingly so. I wasn’t expecting it to be as clear, crisp and loud. Like that thing can get piping loud and still sound ridiculously clear. I’ve been transporting it around the apartment to play in different rooms and it’s so conveniently small that it really fits and goes anywhere–the kitchen table, coffee table, side table, on top of the fridge, the bathroom windowsill (so all of my neighbors can hear my lovely shower vocals)… and it’s great for taking on trips or picnics. We just got back from a little Airbnb getaway near the coast over the weekend and I played a medley of classic jazz songs through it the entire time we were there without having to recharge it! It holds an 8 hour charge, which is more than enough. I love being able to control it from my iPad as well if I’m checking my email, editing photos or reading. It was great to be able to change songs or albums in the next room over, or up in the little reading loft, and the sound traveled so well.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this little speaker, and it’s also a beautiful home decor accent that isn’t an eyesore. (Copper anything and everything these days… I love it all!)

Check out Aether for more details!

This post is in partnership with Aether, a brand and product I trust, use and support.

cardamompretzels-3854cardamompretzels-3841Copper Black Aether Coneimage

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Friday Favorites // Week Two: May 2015

My apologies this is only now making an appearance at the end of the day, but here are some links you can still hopefully enjoy this weekend. I’m taking a much needed vacation weekend by heading to the Oregon coast and staying in this glorious AirBNB retreat in the middle of the woods. I. Cannot. Wait. I’ve been looking forward to this (and going wine tasting in the Willamette Valley also!) for months. It’s time to hit the pause button and take a break from the constant overstimulation. Been feeling overstretched, overloaded, and overwhelmed a bit so I’m looking forward to just doing a lot of chilling out, reading and drinking wine.

I hope you all have a glorious weekend, and if you need a dessert to make for Mother’s Day, this is the perfect one to try!

+ 99 peanut butter recipes that will make your life infinitely better.

+ Obama is/was in town and it was the talk of the town. All of Portland freaked out about traffic and decided to stay home for two days… thanks for making my commute everywhere that much easier, Portlanders!

+ Someday, I will go here.

+ And here.

+ 12 handmade gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

+ How to spot reliable recipes on the interwebs.

+ I still have yet to buy this book, but here are 10 things that inspired Tara O’Brady’s new cookbook.

+ The Kitchn honored my Pinterest account as one of the best accounts to follow if you love baking! So flattered. Check out the other amazing boards!

+ Speaking of Pinterest… the dessert drip. It’s a thing, and everyone can’t resist.

+ First it was cat cafe’s, now you can hang with cats in movie theaters! What?!

+ This is a pretty cute and fun clip from Scarlett Johansson’s latest visit to see Fallon.

+ Why exercising should be a higher priority than a career. I’ve always honored my “me time” balance–it’s so important.

+ LAST WEEK’S MAD MEN EPISODE. I still can’t stop thinking about it.

+ Favorite kitchen of the week.

+ This lavender earl grey ice cream had me at whoa.

+ Also, this haircut! I’m attached to my now grown-out locks but I love the texture… maybe I’ll get brave at my next appointment in a few weeks…

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Friday Favorites // Week One: May 2015

Here are some cool things that have been circulating around the interwebs lately… Happy Friday, and hope you all embrace how quickly time is flying by! (how is it already May?!)

+ Everyone who hikes the PCT is ridiculously inspiring, and every now and then I get that wild idea (pun intended) to want to do it someday also. Here you can get a condensed 1 hour play-by-lay of the trail from mile 1 to 2,650 without having to quit your job for 6 months. Pretty good deal to me. But really- the imagery is breathtaking. Do yourself a favor and set aside some time to watch it, especially if you love the wilderness, being outdoors, and represent the West Coast in some form or another.

+ Something else condensed a bit for you: this long map documenting the entire history of the world.

+ Two of my favorite people in one room, having a conversation about the trend of science and Superman vs. Batman: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jon Stewart.


+ Being in the dental field and all, of course I’m super fascinated that there are lion dentists! As in dentists that deal with lion teeth! So awesome! Even dental hygiene is important for wild animals.

+ The interesting trend of music festival-goers and their attention to festival fashion. It’s totally a thing.

+ She totally has my 7-year-old Barbie dream car that I never had… but that’s besides the point. Those dance moves! Her Beyonce moves are on point too.

+ The top 10 best brunches in PDX right now. It’s true.

+ An introverts guide to entertaining.

+ Taylor Swift and her cat lady life… she’s just like us! #reallifecatmom

+ Honey Kennedy has rounded up her annual Spring favorites from local Portland shops and beyond, and there are tons of great discount codes, too!

+ THIS KITCHEN REMODEL. C’mon! Has anyone ever seen a more unbelievable transformation? Holy wow! Proof that you really can work magic and make anything you want happen!

+ Some “nonsense” karaoke according to Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt. “Uptown Funk” is involved… TOO GOOD. (totally my original interpretation of the lyrics, too)

+ Another reason to love Mark Ruffalo. He and Scarlett Johansson are my two favorite actors and here they are together in one room.

+ Trying to be better about cooking at home so this weekly meal plan planner will come in handy!

+ My Pinterest baking account was listed as one of the top 14 along with these other fine bloggers via The Kitchn. I’m so flattered! Check out the other awesome accounts.

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